Skechers Go Run shoe review April 12

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  1. can one wear them on daily basis?

  2. i dont but you might like nike air max or some other study high padding shoe

  3. Do you get pains in your feet thouh, cause i do with thim??

  4. just got the shoe ran a couple miles in it and i love it i have the same problem in my knee no pains so far great shoe and great video

  5. meb is actualy a heal strike,lol

  6. Nice video. Very good for your first one.

    I bought a pair of these shoes a couple of weeks ago and I love them. I had always been reluctant to run because my knees always ache after doing it. After seeing commercials and reading a blog review I decided to pick up a pair. It makes a huge difference landing mid to fore foot instead of on your heels. No knee pain after putting many miles on them in these runners.