Sh*t A Barefoot Vegan Endurance Runner Says (Part 1 of 2)

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  1. 2500 views for this video. A nice start. 25% towards 10K. I’m hoping to get folks who’ve never considered a plant based diet to dig deeper. #1 killer of Americans is coronary artery disease, the toothless paper tiger. 100% cholesterol free diet is cheap, easy, portable, convenient and delicious. Vegan men have the highest testosterone and the best cancer fighting blood. Vegan women have lower estrogen and far lower cancer risk. DIET vs chronic disease. Undeniable connection to auto immune too.

  2. Quick update. Sept. 15 was my 4th annual USAF Marathon. I ran it in 4:12 chip time with 4MM huaraches the whole way on a beautiful day. A special highlight was running with Julia Khvasechko for quite a few miles and crossing the finish line with her as she achieved her Titanium Level, 30 marathons, 30 states in less than 12 months! She’s also a cancer survivor, turned vegan, “barefoot” ultra marathoner. Small world. :~) Julia had a two page article in the program, so she was easily recognized.

  3. Jay Kay,

    I hope you will watch the following video:

    “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death” excellent, credible, humorous, accurate!

    I’d ditch the dairy first, it’s liquid meat, only worse for several reasons. Roughly 95% our US dairy has BGH, antibiotics and PUSS. FDA allows a nasty amount of PUSS in your your dairy. Cheese is concentrated dairy. Dairy is nasty imo. Lactose, allergies, tummy problems etc etc. The heavy milking of cows makes the udders inflamed, puss develops. Think!

  4. I have already downloaded two of the books you mentioned on this vid.
    I very much appreciate you sharing what you do, what you use, and what you eat.
    Dairy for me is the major challenge. Whey Protein Isolate is vital right now to my muscle and tissue recovery. I am re-starting my running after an extended dormant lifestyle.
    I do still partake in chicken breast and fish; yet I intend to get a blender and start doing veggie-fruit drinks daily.
    Again, thank you for sharing your experience,

  5. Haha! I definitely drew like 6 “feet people” in wedding attire on several pairs of my friend’s feet at a swim meet a couple summers ago. Congratulations on your diet and running!

  6. Thank You and it makes my day to hear what you are saying.

    Regarding dairy, that’s easy. Just imagine sucking the udder of a miserable cow being fed antibiotics and producing insane high quantities of secretions never meant for human consumption. Almond milk is good, as is rice milk, coconut milk, etc. I avoid soy milk. Canned coconut milk works well in mashed potatoes, as does Earth Balance dairy free spread. Although avoiding or minimizing consumption of plant oils is worth looking into.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! I made the decision yesterday to go Vegan. Right now, I’m still drink milk but will cut it out eventually. Your video makes me feel so happy about this decision. Thank you!

  8. Thanks AW. Evidence keeps piling up that the diet, mindset, and more natural motions are working. Also, nice to see over 2K views here. Hopefully some folks will invest the time into learning more. The numbers: I hope 1 in a 100 viewers act on diet changes, and read the books I’m recommending to build confidence. If so, many decades of quality lifetime should be the result, along with a substantial number of diseases prevented. How can that be quantified? If 10K+ view this and 100 people act…?

  9. Congratulations! keep making miles to those huaraches!

  10. Update, yesterday was a great “testimonial” for the plant based diet, natural running, etc. It was my 50th birthday and at 6:34AM I started a 2.4M lake swim at Caesar’s Creek Beach, rode 112M on the bike and finished a 4MM huarache marathon at 10:04PM. Best birthday ever. Longest and best workout ever. First Ironman distance triathlon. 15.5 hours. My wife, Meg, ran her first marathon distance. Great support from wonderful family, & friends. Like magic, things came together so well. Thank You!

  11. You make my day. Props from Poland !

  12. Thanks!

  13. Finding Ultra, by Rich Roll. I’ve finished reading this already. Great book. I burned thru it much like the Scott Jurek book, Eat and Run. Part of being 100% plant powered is being a social anomoly. It’s been interesting to read about these late blooming super endurance athletes, who also spent years during mid and/or high school as social and/or athletic misfits. Rich’s book came at a great time, as he’s done multiple challenging Ironman triathlons consecutively. Create your own adventures!

  14. Good morning. I don’t track mileage, or even hours. But, the vast majority of miles this year have been in the huaraches. I’ve done a marathon, two 50K’s, and aprox. 38 miles into a 50 mile event. Now I’m less than two weeks from a full ironman triathlon attempt. So, the mileage has been high, whatever it is. Good to see you are not wearing out the knot, hope that means you have good technique, mechanics, muscle balance, etc. Sounds like you are transitioning properly, not too fast! Good job.

  15. Hi Randy,
    How many miles have you done in your huaraches?
    I’ve got the 4mm Invisible Shoe, with 60 miles in month and a half (I can’t say I have fully transitioned yet). I still haven’t worn out the first knot!

  16. That’s news to me, but what about the manboobs and shrinking testes that come with imbibing? Rough trade off. LOL. Not because I’m a saint, but due to an extreme intolerance to yeast, I had to give up beer, wine, anything with alochol due to the yeast associated with those. That was about 12 years ago. Now I only have to worry about other drivers! No DUI worries for me lately and so far no manboobs! No comment on the testes … never measured to my knowledge.

  17. Beer has B12 in it.

  18. Quick update. This past Thurs. was my longest work out day ever, in prep for an full iron triathlon workout attempt soon. 85 minute swim+80 mile bike+marathon “run”. 11.5 hours. Diet, I’m convinced trumps everything else, the real key. Although subtle technique changes in each sport are vital, along with specific fueling and hydrating strategies. Currently reading FINDING ULTRA, by Rich Roll. Wow, great reading, great info, inspirational etc. Highly rec. the book! Rich does double iron distances

  19. You are very welcome! I hope you find something useful/practical and find some of the benefits I’ve found.

  20. Thank you for this!

  21. shoto, also mentioned. Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes, Eat and Run by Scott Jurek, and some documentary films, FORKS OVER KNIVES 2011, and Food Inc.

    Another to consider is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, another 2011 Documentary that I did not mention in the video. Worth seeing, after some of the others imo. I just read “No Happy Cows” by John Robbins….his stuff is outstanding. I’d rec. Healthy at 100 be read first. Everyone should read it!

  22. Sure. Born To Run, by Christopher McDougall. Chi Running by Danny Dreyer. Pain Free by Pete Egoscue, Barefoot Running, by Jason Robilard. The China Study, by C. Campbell. Healthy at 100 by John Robbins. A Race For Life and Senior Fitness, by Dr Ruth Heidrich.

    That should be most of them…I’d need to rewatch my video to see if I forgot any!

    Good luck, let me know how it goes.

  23. Randy could you send me the list of books you mentioned here. I found ur video through one of the ITBS related forums. I like what you have to say.

  24. Good luck, just ask if you have any questions. One of my other videos shows how I lace an tie them for marathons and longer, although I’ve come up with a much more casual slip on tie pattern that I’ve not seen. I’ve gone over 35 miles twice with this other method, and I wear them more often now for casual use as well. The 6MM’s are nice for rough, rocky gravel paths. I punched dozens of holes into mine to make them lighter and more pliable, odd but it works well and are less buoyant in water.

  25. I’ll give ’em a try! 🙂