Running to the Limits documentary

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  1. Late reply as per….but no that wasnt Alex making a 2:12 Mara. That was Dan Robinson. Alex’s pb werent anywhere near what his goal was, something like 74min HM and a 2:55 ish Mara. Seemed to drop off the planet after injury. Good story but it was really never on the cards in reality.

  2. Mars – Nick Ingman & Terry Devine-King (Heavy Rain)

  3. Song name is
    Mars – Nick Ingman & Terry Devine-King (Heavy Rain)

  4. Bruce Tulloh looks like he is still in great shape! Any videos about him? 

  5. awsum it just shows wat one really needs is the will to succeed!!

  6. love gebre

  7. no, I don’t think that’s him at the end…

  8. yes he did the last scene u see him running to finish line at 2hr.12min

  9. so, did he qualify for the olympic games?
    what is his personal record nowadays?

  10. Name of song anyone know??

  11. wow he improved a lot. looking at the change in his body and posture. nice, very inspiring

  12. oh yea ethiopia repersent 😀