Olympic Marathon Champion Samuel Wanjiru Dead

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  1. For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called. Their chance of solving a case is cut in half if they don’t get a lead within the first 48 hours.

  2. This is very sad. A fall from that height should not be fatal–must have had a bad landing on sthg. RIP Samwuel!

  3. It waz all from “mpango wa kando game”but all in all,RIP Legend Wanjiru!!!!

  4. death can knock any time, its time we repent, repent , repent for you dont know your time.


  5. wewe Judy wamboi, home breaker and Gold digger, Now what next Judy, you want a piece of his wealth and yet you know Njeri is there as the legal wife. PLEASE dont pretend to be a victim you are the ’cause’ of his suicidal, God had put together to love one Njeri and Wanjiru and you came to put asunder!!! USHINDWE

  6. gone for good. any one with samuel wanjirus wife number pls.

  7. It wasn’t suicide. The balcony floor is quite low. He could have jumped quite safely.No person intending to commit suicide would try to use a one story balcony. I suspect that he was reeling from the shock of being caught with his pants down literally. Caught in the emotions of the moment he accidentally tripped as he was attempting to make a (hurried)safe jump from the balcony, and fell on his head. He was desperate to reach his wife to either beat her or console her or control the situation

  8. kenya was proud of you RIP

  9. Nimekataa Hiyo.I one time jumped from Third floor en i only got an elbow fracture….
    Their is something not right… They should carry out a Postmorterm.

  10. Impossible,he was juzi on tv ok,noooooo something doesnt sound right


  12. but i wonder how a fall from such height be so fatal!! Postmoterm should talk coz somthing aint right here!!

  13. maisha ni ngumu kuliko marathon

  14. Sad and tragic.

  15. …………..should have practiced high jump also to survive……’women’ and ‘lust’ are the source of happiness and pain…ask Adam in the garden of Eden….IMF boss…..Bill clinton…Lwanda Magere…Echakara…Obama Senior…the list adds everyday

  16. OMG! Pesa, pombe , siasa na wanawake……Wanjiru, the story of Dominique Strauss-Kahn ……………………….. R.I.P Ciru. He had problems and it looks like the federation never bothered to help him.

  17. Watching Wanjiru run was amazing, I vividly remember the comentator at the Beijing marathon stating that Wanjiru’s tactic was silly and he would not maintain the pace for the whole race… The young man proved him wrong and got us our first Olympic Marathon gold medal… RIP, you didnt live the promise, but we cherish what ever little we saw

  18. R.I.P Wanjiru..

  19. Rest in peace bro, you should have taken life more cautiously. we celebrate you!

  20. young, rich and fast…..life is indeed very short. RIP Samwel.