Disney’s Princess Half Marathon

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  1. austrailianpirate

    We need a pirate themed marathon through mgm to Magic Kingdom, where the finish is the pirates of the carribean…. somehow…

  2. gracefuldisaster024

    I’m running it!!! I’m so excited!!!

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  4. The Princess Half Marathon rocked. I’ve been doing the Disney Marathon and Goofy for 10 years & have been dragging my kids for every single one. This year my daughter turned 14 a couple of weeks before the Princess Half & was able to legally participate (I think she was the youngest runner). She finished in 2:30 (20 mins ahead of her expected time). The race atmosphere, synergy and organization was amazing. Kudos to the race staff and of course my daugther Kyria #1905 for her performance.

  5. I did the 5k with my 21 year old sister and my 59 year old mom! Neither had ever done a 5k race and both did awesome! I’d highly recommend the race and the weekend events.

  6. it was fun! thanks for hosting disney