Desiree Davila of Hansons Brooks runs 3 by 3 miles training for Olympic Marathon Trials

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  1. Running is for girls. These guys look gross all skin and bones

  2. Vo2maxProductions


  3. Vo2maxProductions

    no not quite – that is more like her 5-10k race pace! She did most of this workout running 5:15 to 5:20 mile splits (which is very close to her half marathon PR pace). This last one she just closed down as fast as she could.

  4. Cool stuff!! Man, Desiree’s running a 5:06 interval – that’s smokin’!!! But that can’t be her 1/2 marathon pace, is it?

  5. all the training payed off at the trials today. great running- hope you win a big race soon!

  6. oh wow tell it like it is!!

  7. i came to this video to get valuable information on how to train my girley legs and gets blatantly insulted with such false information. you would be pissed off too, also it might be my period cause im a girl

  8. are you this thick? how the fuck can she run 15:30’s at practice as the video indicated and only be a low 15 gal, this is fucking false information

  9. Deena Kastor better watch out for this chick!

  10. Dang, I live in Orlando!

  11. I’m serious. Maybe you guys were just off a bit on the timing or measured the training route incorrectly

  12. Vo2maxProductions

    ha ha, nice try soggy s. “phenomenal”

  13. did she just run a 15 minute 5k that is phenominal for a slow marathoner