Born to Run: The Secrets of Kenyan Athletics

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  1. Be patient grasshopper, it takes 30sec before the documentary starts.

  2. Thnx for the upload. This doc is great!

  3. Caucasianpride1

    ..makes hunting more

  4. rudisha with a stache and beard hell yeah :D

  5. The secret? Is the doping with Epo that buy the USA.
    After race the kenyan are anonymus and not to compare in video,negro are
    fanatics and not admit this,Usa school with Obama teacher.
    Kenya and Jamaica do it expelled from olimpic games,the European are
    clear,the afro NO.

  6. When you run barefoot you absorb the ground below by bending at the
    forefoot, bending at the ankle, bending at the knee and at the hip. All of
    this four points absorb the impact and then all four points spring back
    giving you a very powerful and smooth running style. Running shoes with
    thick padding and heel are total crap. You cannot feel a thing.

  7. Amazing Documentary – must watch if you are into running.

  8. Must watch Documentary for any human being, in general..truly amazing

  9. Mike Boit summarizes it all very well,mental agility, desire to win,setting
    high standards and a good coach to give you framework. i am a business
    coach and i agree with all he said.

  10. Chris Williams

    Great documentary. You should also check out the Tarahumarah tribe and the
    Rarámuri. The Mexican runners that routinely run 200+ miles at a time
    usually barefoot! Easily the greatest distance runners on earth!

  11. This is like meditation. These are so relaxed and down to earth. This
    really inspires me.

  12. Beautiful doc!

  13. The title of this video is so racist. 

  14. longoverdue18

    Really enjoyed the doc! Thx!

  15. graham o'riordan

    This documentary is a shining light to people obsessed with money. These
    athletes and coach live very simple lives yet have no signs of stress or
    problems associated with our money obsessed lives. Very inspiring

  16. Miles Edgeworth

    The secret is that Black people are fucking strong and powerful, do you see
    those legs? They’d kick a hole in any white dude.

  17. HAHA

  18. mike boit said it all

  19. Loved the simplicity of Brother Colm. Coach of the Kenyan Olympic winning

  20. Hafsa Razzack

    Something that really inspired me -maybe we should”get out of the car” and
    just walk to the park/Library.

  21. nice doc

  22. I’ve been a distance runner for nearly 30 years, so I admire the spirit of
    this. Coghlan and many of the Kenyan greats from back in the day were my
    idols. I imagined I was these guys as a young boy “racing” the roads and
    trails alone around my childhood home. I only wish America currently had a
    bit more of this early development training culture and desire from the

  23. SalsaTangoCracow


  24. 12:18 to the end of Part I. Hits me hard, right in the feels.

  25. Thank you for uploading this. Very inspiring. Their humility, hard work and
    integrity of character make such an impression:)