December, 2013

Dec 13

2008 Olympic Marathon Trials 3 miles Magdalena Lewy Boulet

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Dec 13

Smuttynose Marathon could be a half marathon

Smuttynose Rockfest has been turned into half marathon in order to reduce traffic impact and increase safety. The Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon organizers is likely to look for approval for half marathon in 2014 because of concerns from Hampton police and officials regarding safety concerns made by the impact of full marathon on small sideways.

Loco Sports representatives given reworked routes on Monday for the Half at Hamptons half marathon that is held in February and it has a cap of one thousand and two hundred runners, and Rockfest half marathon held in October and it has a cap of five thousand runners.

Both the events are organized by Loco Sports, both of which draw thousands more annually to Seacoast region. Typically, the Rockfest event is held as both a half marathon and a marathon. The new paths got some praise from board. Their members have showed their hesitation regarding huge races in town following the severe crash which claimed 2 cyclists’ lives in the non-competitive ride in September.

Mary-Louise Woolsey is known as an outspoken member against Rockfest marathon’s impact. On Monday, Woolsey stated that she heard a whole lot of complaints following this year’s ridiculous and disruptive race that tied up traffic on Little River Road. The decision to make over the routes to avert tertiary streets – it is something that Loco Sports officials stated could not be executed if the marathon stays a half marathon.