20 mile run.

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  1. you should get the long hair and beard back you look epic

  2. and now he’s done 2 and a half marathons

  3. Holly crap!? its like shaycarl turned into Chuck Norris! good work on the weight loss 🙂 hope everything turns out alright!

  4. I don’t think he took your suggestion lol

  5. Hey Shay and fellow Shay-Losers. I’m an obese 18 year old girl who’s starting her weight loss journey on YouTube. Shay, I’ve run 1 mile every night for the past 3 nights all because you inspired me. If you take a minute to check out my channel and show some love, I’ll be forever grateful! Much love.

  6. Totally agree! U made a different channel for this ‘loss’, if they don’t like it, they can watch the other channels. Toot your horn here! Shay, this whole loss thing has been so inspiring to me! I have gotten 40-50 pounds overweight, but your videos were the spark for me to start jogging again for the first time in 4 years. Lost 4 pounds so far, long way to go. But these videos help (“He started with more weight and did a marathon!”) Ignore the ‘Haters’, we love the honesty/motivation.DFTBA

  7. I like this look on Shay .the hair do and the beard

  8. Hey, Tom Cruise, how are you?

  9. ……..oops

  10. Shay, you should grow back your hair again and then this time the beard has to be SHAVED. It’ll look good on you. Just sayin.

  11. Omg, I haven’t watched your videos in a while, I almost didn’t recoginze you! You look great 😀

  12. Is it 20 miles and then you get picked up or 10 miles there 10 miles back?

  13. omg dont listen to comments. i never do. some people like my videos and some people dont. i never let it go to my head and i just do what i love. just follow your passion and you will always be happy.

  14. LMAO 1:43

  15. Love you Shay! 😀

  16. Don’t listen to those negative comments shay! Just focus on the positive ones as you’re an inspiration to so many people and it’s these people that support and care about you. Keep up the healthy lifestyle and yt channels that so many of us love 🙂

  17. Frédéric Matte Kruzel

    Wasn`t trying to act like a smart ass, it was just a joke. But hey, most people on youtube are negative, and so you seem to be. I’m sorry for that. Have a good day.

  18. Yup, great inspiration.

  19. No need to be a smartass man, really. You’d just spend much less energy by simply giving a plain answer if you want to help, if not, then don’t waste your time trolling. Now I know it’s Carl, but I don’t necessarily go around reading the name of every channel I visit. Thank you for nothing.

  20. Frédéric Matte Kruzel

    This channel is called ShayLoss. Got the idea? :p

  21. Holy $hit is that ShayCarl? I haven’t been on YT for a while… WTH happened?

  22. shay you look like jesus 

  23. he did his 26 one you see that vid shays a beast he does what he wants and what he sets his mind to nerves are normal his thoughts are normal the things he says makes sense dont doubt the shay embrass the shay….

  24. swimmingingoggles

    watching all your running videos is so inspiring to run. its 2 AM right now and i really just wanna go outside and run