Sep 14

Mud Racing Inspires Even Till Today

In U.S mud racing has become a common phenomenon with all sorts of runners racing with colourful paint and by crossing barriers. But over the years the running industry has changed in its form. The entire racing is about reaching the destination with enjoyment rather than trying to set any record.

The change has occurred primarily due to the evolution of the ancient forms of racing called the Spartan race and the mud race. These are the traditional races which according to the reports suggest that more people participate in these events. The numbers keep on increasing every year. Non traditional events are also gaining in popularity because of the changing lifestyle of the people. The world is inching closer to the natural phenomenon be it in terms of farm fresh fruits and vegetables or sports. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Miami Marathon asks runners to take proper precaution

As Life Time Miami Marathon as well as Half Marathon dragged down on a capacity field on Friday, with 800 of twenty five thousand places still vacant when the day started, athletes and organizers got ready for a real hot but well timed day of running.

Almost all people who prepares for a 26.2 mile run by foot through Miami Beach and Miami ; or even half of that distance; knows that hydrating fully, getting substantial rest and downing carbohydrates are required to get through the run with as less suffering as possible.

Frankie Ruiz, the chief running officer for the Miami Marathon, stated that they were hovering at one of the warmer races, definitely. He advised to be aware and adjust pace and prepare accordingly. You know your body and what you are capable of. You respect the distance, so respect the weather as well.

The event would start with a wheelchair race at 6:05 am in front of AmericanAirlines Arena and it is subject to start in the midst of temperatures in low seventies that rise to close to 80 when it is noon. It is expected that the humidity would start at around ninety percent and fall to around seventy three percent by noon. It would partly clouded, but there would be no rain.

Bryan Sharkey, a talented local racer, ran for Gulliver Prep and Princeton after that, and he still ses himself fighting the elements.

Dec 13

Smuttynose Marathon could be a half marathon

Smuttynose Rockfest has been turned into half marathon in order to reduce traffic impact and increase safety. The Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon organizers is likely to look for approval for half marathon in 2014 because of concerns from Hampton police and officials regarding safety concerns made by the impact of full marathon on small sideways.

Loco Sports representatives given reworked routes on Monday for the Half at Hamptons half marathon that is held in February and it has a cap of one thousand and two hundred runners, and Rockfest half marathon held in October and it has a cap of five thousand runners.

Both the events are organized by Loco Sports, both of which draw thousands more annually to Seacoast region. Typically, the Rockfest event is held as both a half marathon and a marathon. The new paths got some praise from board. Their members have showed their hesitation regarding huge races in town following the severe crash which claimed 2 cyclists’ lives in the non-competitive ride in September.

Mary-Louise Woolsey is known as an outspoken member against Rockfest marathon’s impact. On Monday, Woolsey stated that she heard a whole lot of complaints following this year’s ridiculous and disruptive race that tied up traffic on Little River Road. The decision to make over the routes to avert tertiary streets – it is something that Loco Sports officials stated could not be executed if the marathon stays a half marathon.

Oct 13

Marathon serves as melting pot

In New York city, long distance running is far from lonely among immigrants. On a fog filled Sunday in the Central Park, a bunch of runners lurked near end line of a half marathon, narrating their efforts in Spanish language. They had ended the 13.1 mile run course before several contestants reached the halfway mark.

A forty one year old New Yorker from Ecuador Julio Sauce seized a glass plaque that he earned for ending 1st in his group. After averaging better than 6 minutes in 1 mile on hilly course, Sauce told that he was very tired. Continue reading →